Causes of Bitter Mouth During Pregnancy and How to Overcome It

Pregnancy does often come with many changes in a woman's body, one of them in the mouth. Most pregnant women often complain of bitter taste in the mouth that makes them lose their appetite. So, what causes bitter mouth during pregnancy and how to overcome it? Bitter mouth during pregnancy often occurs in the early trimester of pregnancy. This condition is generally caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. Please note, the bitter mouth during pregnancy can disappear by itself. This condition sometimes makes some pregnant women lose their appetite, thus affecting the development of the fetus in the womb. In addition to hormonal changes, there are other factors that can make the mouth feel bitter during pregnancy. Causes of Bitter Mouth during Pregnancy Here are some of the causes of bitter mouth during pregnancy: Tooth problems Are you the type of person who is lazy to brush teeth? If so, maybe this is the cause. An irregular brushing means accumulating bacteria in his
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